We all live very busy lives and exam students know that time is a valuable resource. Now, as students prepare for the exams, they need to be able to access material at a time which suits them to solve whichever problem they are encountering at that time. 

Our “On Demand” resources aim to fulfil that need by giving students access to recordings cover almost the entire curriculum. You can access our library of classes whenever it suits you to do so. 


Introductory Offer

All Leaving Certificate students who have enrolled on our “Live Weekly Online Grinds Program” have FULL access to our On Demand grinds program in their subject  FREE OF CHARGE

Maths LCOL (Only €249)

John Winters has been teaching to the highest level for almost 30 years. Over the years he has written exceptional books relating to Leaving Certificate Maths. You can avail of this fantastic course for just €249.







Students who enrol for the on-demand grinds program can access these video lectures wherever and whenever they wish. This will prove to be of huge assistance as students prepare for their exams as it gives you the ability to solve whatever problem you are faced with as it happens.


The ON DEMAND course covers all of the key areas of the syllabus in a simple and organised way. During the classes you will see John complete exam style questions as he constantly refers to the marking scheme and what is expected by the examiner. This means that the exam structure is constantly in your mind as you navigate your way through the classes.


Sample Maths Class

Have a look at the following sample class to see what Maths grinds with us can do for you. The topic covered in this sample is algebra and the quadratic form which forms an important part of the syllabus.

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