Physics LC
Higher Level

John Winters has a huge amount of experience preparing students for the Leaving Certificate Physics exam. He is particularly well known for his ability to simplify complex problems in a way that all students can understand. The students enrolled on the course will draw from John’s 27 years experience in teaching  Physics.

John Winters will strive to build confidence and belief in each student. Students will be given targeted questions as homework and constant feedback will assist them in the exam preparation ahead.

Sample Class

The following video demonstrates John’s ability to reinforce techniques in a straightforward way. This particular question is taken from the 2020 Leaving Certificate HL exam.

Fees €199

The fees for the course are from an incredible €199.

Live Class Times

This class takes place every Wednesday evening during term time until the end of the academic year.

Wednesday 7.00 p.m. - 8.15 p.m.

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What do I receive if I enrol?

In addition to the weekly classes all students attending the course will also receive

  • Over 40 hours of live interactive classes during the course of the academic year.
  • A professionally bound book of expert study notes containing countless examples of techniques required to master the Leaving Cert exam.
  • A huge number of questions developed by John Winters for students to practise in the build up to the examinations.
  • All classes are recorded and the recordings are available for review until the end of June 2024. 
  • Students will sit a mock exam exam, written by John Winters, in May 2024. John will provide invaluable feedback to students as they prepare for the exams in June.
  • In addition to the weekly classes John will also provide an intensive online workshop in May to prepare students for the exams paper in June