LC Maths OL
Weekly Grinds

The teacher, John Winters, has over 31 years experience preparing students for exams. John is best known for his simplified view of mathematics and his ability to get his point across to the student. His core belief is that “Maths is a subject which is practised, not studied…” so he has designed hundreds of questions which will form the backbone of his work throughout the year.

All classes are LIVE and Interactive. Students are encouraged to ask whatever questions they wish. It is our goal that all students leaving the classes have understood the entirety of the content of the clas

Sample Class

The following video demonstrates John’s ability to reinforce important techniques in a straightforward way.

Fees from JUST €599

The fees for the course are from an incredible €599 for the entire academic year. There are two methods of payment available

  1. Payment in Full €599
  2. An initial instalment of €349 payable on registration and a final payment of €300 payable on/before Sat 4th January 2025. This means that the total fee paid for this option is €649 for the entire academic year.

Tuesdays 7.00 p.m.-8.15 p.m.

This class takes place every Tuesday evening during term time beginning on the week commencing Monday 16th September 2023.