Students attending our weekly live and interactive online grinds will reap the benefits of being taught by a truly gifted teacher. The teacher, John Winters, will provide students with a platform where they can learn how to excel in their State exams in a calm and logical way. 

John Winters began teaching Maths in 1993 and has been teaching to the highest level since then. Over the years John’s students have consistently scored exceptional grades in their exams. John prides himself on providing a completely interactive experience for his students. The emphasis at all times is on understanding the basics techniques of the subject while at the same time achieving the maximum grade which they can.


What will I receive if I join the weekly grinds?

  • 30 Weekly classes, each of duration 1 hr 15 mins  throughout the normal academic year during term time. 
  • Homework is provided and marked by John Winters to allow students to hone their exam technique.
  • Countless hours of recorded classes to re-enforce the content.
  • Professionally bound books of expert notes delivered to your home free of charge.
  • Exam students will be able to sit a mock exam in May, written by John Winters.
  • Hundreds of practise questions, written by John, for you to do during your preparation.
  • Free attendance at any study skills seminars for all students enrolled on our grinds programme,

Find out more information about our Maths grinds

Leaving Certificate Maths

Maths HL

Our Leaving Certificate HL Maths Grinds focus on understanding the course content. Very often students try to learn the content by heart, but this is not an effective way to work. 

Our grinds aim to show students can achieve excellence in the exams once they have correctly understood the basic content.

5th Year Maths HL

Students find the transition from Junior Cycle Maths to the Leaving Certificate Maths difficult. The rise in the standard of the required standard is quite considerable. In addition to the majority have been through the TY year where their focus was on personal growth, which is very important, but can be problematic in a practical subject like maths.

In our 5th year grinds John Winters pick a topic each week and builds the topic from the foundations up. Students learn new techniques in an extremely interactive way.  Excellent teaching coupled with excellent notes bring students up to the standard required by the Leaving Cert syllabus.

Junior Cycle Maths

Junior Cycle students in 2022 are the first cohort of students to take the “New” Junior Cycle Maths exam. The central thought in the classes is to show students the likely format and style of questions which might come up. John Winters, has written countless exam style questions which illustrate the simple application of mathematical methods in practical questions. This bridge between theory and practise is central to this course.