6th Year Maths LC Higher Level
"Master Differentiation"
Saturday 14th January
12.00 p.m.-1.15 p.m.

Differentiation forms a considerable portion of the syllabus and can appear in almost any topic. During this class John Winters will show you how to approach this extremely important topic in a very logical way. He will look at maximising and minimising as applied to functions and also real world situations. 

Junior Cycle Maths HL
"Master Trigonometry"
Tuesday 17th January
8.15 p.m.- 9.30 p.m.

Trigonometry is a fundamentally important section of the syllabus and can appear in many ways in the exam. It is so important that you grasp this area in advance of your mock exams later this term. This class will bring you from the very beginning of trigonometry to having a clear understanding of the whole topic.  

Fifth Year Maths HL
"Master ALgebra"
Wednesday 18th January
8.15 p.m.- 9.30 p.m

During this class John Winters will show students how to build functions and will discuss the roots of quadratic and cubic equations. This is an area of extreme importance and is used as a basis of so many exam questions.

Physics LCHL
"Master Experiments"
Thursday 19th January
8.15 p.m.- 9.30 p.m.

Section A (Experiments) can cause difficulties for many students. In this class we will look at how to approach questions “by understanding” as opposed to learning facts by heart. The students who understand what is being asked will always perform better in exams. This class is a must as you prepare for your mock exams.

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