5th Year Maths HL
Weekly Grinds

John Winters has a huge amount of experience preparing students for the Leaving Certificate exams. He is particularly well known for his ability to simplify complex problems in a way that all students can understand. The students enrolled on the course will draw hugely from John’s 28 years experience in teaching Maths.

It is imperative that fifth year students receive a solid grounding in the basic concepts of the course. During the course John Winters will constantly focus on keys techniques and skills required to succeed.

Sample Class

The following video demonstrates John’s ability to reinforce techniques in a straightforward way. The video recording below is a sample from a grind which took place recently

FEES from JUST €599

The fees for the course are from an incredible €599 for the entire academic year. There are two methods of payment available


1.     Payment in Full €599

2.     An initial instalment of €349 payable on registration and a final payment of €300 payable on/before Sat 4th January 2025. This means that the total fee paid for this option is €649 for the entire academic year.

Flexible Timetable

We all live busy lives and know that some weeks can be different to others. This is the inspiration behind our flexible timetable.

We have two different options for Fifth Year Maths HL on Tuesday and Thursday. You can attend any one of these two classes in any given week. This unique flexibility will give you great peace of mind ensuring that you do not miss a single class.

The times for these classes are outlined below

  • Tuesdays  5.30 p.m. – 6.45 p.m.
  • Thursdays 5.30 p.m. – 6.45 p.m.

What do I receive if I enrol?

In addition to almost 40 hours of weekly classes all students attending the course will also receive

  • Professionally bound study manuals containing countless examples of techniques required for the Leaving Cert exam.
  • Hundreds of questions developed by John Winters for students to practise.
  • All classes are recorded and the recordings are available for review until the end of June 2025.