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Leaving Certificate Maths Higher Level PAPER TWO

Our vastly experienced teacher, John Winters, will guide you through the topics which form the core of Paper 2. Every opportunity will be taken to link different topics together in the way in which the examiner does. Once a student masters the topics which John covers this will open a new level of understanding how to approach the exam in June.
The topics covered during the revision course will be taken from the following
1)   The Line

2)   The Circle
3)   Trigonometry
4)   Theorems
5)   Constructions
Students will be provided with note relating to all of the above topics and will be provided with mock examinations which they may take. John will then mark each student’s solutions in addition to providing a video session in which he takes the exam himself under the constraints of the exam. All classes are recorded. These recordings will be available for review until June 2021 when the exams are completed.

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