Fees NOW JUST €199


You can now attend our weekly live grinds for just €199. For this incredibly low fee you can

  1. Attend our weekly live grinds for the remainder until May 2024
  2. Access ALL recordings of classes until the state exams finish in June 2024.
  3. Access recordings of classes which have taken place before now.
  4. Access recordings our Easter and Final Revision Revision Courses for FREE
  5. Professionally bound book(s) of notes posted to your home.

At Maths Masters we offer expert weekly live  grinds in Maths (All ages 2nd Year – Leaving Cert), and Physics to Leaving Certificate level. These grinds are in the form of a weekly 1hr 15 min class on each week of the academic year. All of our classes are live and interactive so that you can be sure that you have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered during the classes. In addition to this the recordings of the classes will be available to you until the exams take place in June 2024.

The teacher, John Winters, has been teaching to the highest standard for over 30 years. John has a particular ability to simplify complex course content so that it is easily understood.


Practise makes perfect when you are talking about technical subjects. Why not give our Leaving Cert or Junior Cycle exams a try. In January we held live solutions classes where students were shown how to complete the exams. 

We have uploaded some sample exams together with solutions from our database for you to try.

How do the grinds work?

Our grinds are live, interactive and take place on a weekly basis.  We also record all of our classes so that you can review the content which we covered during the class at any time. Since our grinds take place online they are of benefit to anyone, anywhere studying for their Junior Cycle or Leaving Certificate.

The live grinds begin on the week commencing Monday 12th September and continue weekly during the academic term until May 2023. There are 30 weekly live grinds in each subject over the course of the year.

The recordings of the grinds serve as an invaluable resource when students are attempting to reinforce the techniques which John Winters has taught them. 

Expert notes provided

Professionally bound books of notes are provided in Maths and Physics. These expert notes are a product of John Winters’ 28 years experience and knowledge of exam papers. These books are packed with exam style questions and solutions to these questions. Unlike typical textbooks, fully worked solutions are provided to all questions contained in the books

These books are delivered to your home once you have registered for our maths or physics courses. Additional notes are provided in digital format and are uploaded to the online classroom over the course of the year.

Students find that these notes enable them to study in a very effective manner, because all of the content in the books mimics the look and feel of exam questions perfectly.

Maths and Physics are not subjects which you study in the normal way, they are subjects which require practise. Exam practise is the single most important factor which will lead you to success in your exams.  Students attending our Live weekly grinds courses are given homework which gives them the chance to perfect the skills which they have been taught.

What sets Maths Masters apart from the majority of grinds providers is the fact that students are given homework which is marked by John Winters and feedback is provided showing students where potential improvements can be made. 

Each student enrolled on a course with us has access to our “online virtual classroom”. This classroom contains recordings of previous classes, handwritten notes from classes, homework and many sample questions.

All students find this to be extremely useful as it also serves as a means of communication with the teacher in relation to work and any potential concerns. Once the homework has been marked by John Winters, the student in question is automatically sent their result on the assignment as well as constructive feedback to improve exam technique.

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